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LF-Iii FLAME SEALER 800 / 1000



International Paper Box Machine Company Switzerland is the only independent company in the world dedicated to engineering and building Flame Sealing equipment for the liquid container industry. Since 1950 International Paper Box is engaged in research and development of flame sealing equipment as well as specialized feeding and packing equipment to be interfaced with high speed Flame Sealers.


Today over eighty percent of liquid containers are converted on International Flame Sealers. Over five hundred lines were delivered   last sixty years. The new LF-III 800 / 1000 is the most advanced Sealer available on the world market today. Focusing on features, such as maintenance free operation by eliminating all sensitive drive units and using servo motors for each main section. Highest production yield and lowest scrap rate was another important point on the list. Most productive skiving operation and first in-line computer controlled quality control units were added thanks to an exclusive partnership agreement between Fortuna Germany and Leary Chicago. Minimizing dust contamination was another challenge solved today thanks to the exclusive design of International LF-III Flame Sealer.


International Paper Box is proud to present to the packaging industry the best price performance ratio machine for best results and lowest production costs.




View of Register and Skiving / Hemming Section 

 of new LF-III 800 / 1000




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