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The new International/Switzerland LF-IV 700/CH is designed for the converters where floor space is a prime commodity. With a total length from feed to delivery apron of approximately 16,5 meters this Sealer will fit nicely into the space currently occupied by your old International LF-B Sealer.


The belt speed provided by the LF-IV of 700 meters per minute offers a production volume over 100000/hour of one liter pure pack or Combibloc style cartons. International/Switzerland LF-IV 700/CH flame sealer with combined production featuring Gable Top or Combibloc style cartons is equipped with an additional pre-fold section allowing pre-breaking of all the scores. Comfortable flexibility combined with a generous size range from mini-cross to one-gallon containers easily substitutes the size range of the previous International LF-B machine. Many other features were added such as low dust, high production hygiene, special bleed proof bearings, water-cooled burners, friction-free operation, and high precision skive-hem-pre-seal. As well as inline quality assurance providing the security of automatic inline packing dictated by the high production of the Sealer, especially when interfaced with automated packing not allowing visual inspection anymore.



Side view of International/Switzerland LF-IV 700/CH with Skiving Hemming section and Inline Quality Control

(total line length of combination machine, approximately 16,5 meters)



International/Switzerland LF-IV 700/CH Flame Sealer layout see next page


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