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Paper Wrap Around Case Packer

to be interfaced with Multifold International Accumulator



Maximum speed:

Minimum packing dimensions:

Maximum packing dimensions:

Standard blank sizes:

Kraft paper rolls width:

Maximum roll dimension:

Maximum cut-off or repeat length:

Electrical requirements:

Energy consumption:

Maximum connected power:


up to 15 cycles per minute

lengths - 380mm, width - 130mm, height - 110mm

lengths - 650mm , width - 400mm, height - 200mm

from 1/4-liter to 2-liter blanks

508 to 850


508 to 1350mm

230/400 V, 50 Hz, 3 phase

approximately 8 KW

15 KVA



As an alternative to wrap around corrugated we can interface the International Multifold accumulator with Bosch paper wrapper type SP 31. This unit collects the pre-counted carton raws from the accumulator and automatically wraps the whole raw of cartons into kraft paper which is firmly closed by hot melt and cold glue application. The kraft paper is continuously supplied from roll stock and offers enough capacity for one uninterrupted production shift. High quality components and more than 50 installations in the liquid packaging field is a proof of a vast experience and know-how in this area.

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