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-  Turnover Feeder

-  UniFeeder 1612

-  Pallet Feeder

Flame Sealers:

-  LF-III 800/1000

-  LF-IV 700/CH

Leary Quality Control System:

-  For LF-III 800/1000

-  For LF-IV 700/CH

CartoonCooler / CartonCleaner

Skive-Hem Preseal System

Skive-Hem Preseal Retrofit

Packing Equipment:

- Adjustable Accumulator & Packstation (EdgePack)

- SIG Carton Packer

- Multifold Accumulator

- Wrap Around Case Packer: Gable top & Combibloc cartons


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in search of excellence . . .

The International Switzerland




The International offers you choice of (specialized design)



-    Semi-Automatic Feed

-    Fully-Automatic Feed


Flame Sealers:

-   International Switzerland LF-III 800 / 1000 Flame Sealer

-   International Switzerland LF-IV 700 / CH Flame Sealer

-   International Switzerland Cup Blank Edge Sealer for paper cup blank sealing (specific info on request)


-    SIG Carton Packer (multi row in corrugated shipping cases)

-    Carton Accumulator to be interfaced with Wrap-Around Packer (Bosch)

-    Wrap Around Packer (multi row corrugated shipping cases)

-    Low cost packing aid (semi-automatic)

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