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Since 2006, International®/Fortuna constantly improved the skive hem preseal system.  Thanks to a close partnership between the two companies, the result today is a perfectly functioning skive hem system providing quality skived products of the 5th panel at production speeds up to 800 meters per minute.   The computerized system is standard equipment on all new LF III and LF IV sealers and can also be retrofitted on older sealing lines such as International® LF –A; LF –B and Royal 333.


The system International®/Fortuna is designed to replace obsolete milling skivers and mechanical bell knife skivers requiring great amount of guess work and known for considerable waster at start up or knife change procedure.  Please consult International for any information.



View of complete skiver hem preseal system consisting of skiver, rotary creaser, water cooled hem burner, dynamic hem folder, hem ironing unit and controls

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