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The International/Fortuna offers complete Skive-Hem Pre-Seal retrofit sections for former International USA LF-A and LF-B Flame-Sealing Lines. The retrofit sections as shown below include the following EXCLUSIVE FEATURES:


w  The International - Fortuna "state-of-the-art" Skive-Hem Pre-Seal Units Servo-Motor controlled

w  Exclusive Water-Cooled Hem-Burner

w  Exclusive Water-Cooled Jackets protecting Centre-Carrier Bearings from heat contamination damage

w  Low Fiction Dynamic Hem-Folder guaranteeing low dust contamination

w  Complete Skive-Hem Pre-Seal units arranged on one adjustable carrier for quick make-ready

w  Electronic Drive-Shaft for speed synchronization between base Flame-Sealer and new Skive-Hem Pre-Seal sections

w  Individual separate Drive and Motor package to compensate additional load of the retrofit section

w  Special Bearings used in Centre-Carrier to avoid lubrification bleeding to carton blanks

w  New Hem-Burner control package complete with gas-air mixing unit


Skive Hem Presel Retrofit drawing.png

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