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New Turnover-feeder with prestacker


The turnover feeder is designed to automatically feed stacks of cartons from a pre-feeding conveyor into the flame sealer at a high speed. The carton stacks are deposited on the pre-stack conveyor (printed side up) and automatically moved to the in-feed section of the feeder. The feeding unit picks up carton blanks from the top of the stack and turns the carton flow by 180 degrees in order to be fanned out and separated from each other. The flow of cartons is conveyed to the feed section of the flame sealer. Thanks to a height-limiting sensor, carton stack height in the feed section is maintained always at the same height, consequently, applying equal pressure on feed belts. Once the carton stack is used up, the next carton stack will automatically be presented to the in-feed section. Up to 5 stacks of cartons can be pre-stacked on the in feed conveyor. Cartons stacks can be placed either manually or automatically on the pre-stacking conveyors. Depending on configuration of flame sealers on factory floor, one operator can feed two lines, thanks to the pre-stacking conveyor system.





Machine Dimensions:

Length 3,300 mm

(incl. prestack conveyor)

Width 950 mm

Height 1,725 mm

Weight 12 tonnes



Size range of blanks:

Min. Max.

Length 130 mm 300 mm

Width 200 mm 320 mm


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