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The International Switzerland

The International Automatic Wrap Around Case Packers

Special model for Combibloc cartons

designed to pack up to 250000 cartons per hour


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Machine designed to pack liquid packaging side seam cartons, all sizes of 57mm cross section ECO cartons, and all Liter/quart and fractional 70 mm cross section carton sizes.


Collation Patterns:

200ml Eco-Pack

200ml Eco-Pack

1/1 Liter STD

1/1 Liter STD

1 slug, 330 count per slug

2 slugs, 330 count per slug

1 slug, 250 count per slug

2 slugs, 250 count per slug

Other patterns programmable, per customer needs.



Wrap around style case from flat corrugated sheet, size is determined by carton size and case count, erected case sizes:


Width: min. of 431.8 mm to max. of 482.6 mm

Length: min. of 457.2 mm to max. of 635.0 mm

Height: max. of 117.5 mm

Material: B and C flute corrugated.



225 through 330 slug count, variable per customer needs.


Right or Left Hand Wrap Around Packer

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